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Friday, September 5, 2014

Spotted: Rimmel Holiday 2014 Limited Edition Glitter Bomb Collection

Remember back in the beginning of August when the Rimmel Holiday 2014 Limited Edition ScandalEyes Shadow Sticks were spotted in stores? Well we've got ANOTHER Rimmel Holiday 2014 collection that's popping up in stores, even before Halloween!

Thanks to longtime reader and photo-contributor JenJen (@jenjen122680 on Instagram) for this one. JenJen spotted the Rimmel Holiday 2014 Limited Edition Glitter Bombs at her local Meijer this week and shared lots of pics with us. Take a look (these aren't just the standard hex glitters--there's some square and star glitters here!).

image credit: JenJen for Nouveau Cheap
Rimmel Holiday 2014 Limited Edition Glitter Bomb Top Coat Collection
(retail: $2.29 each at Meijer, 0.27 oz; $1 off tear-pad coupons on display)

For those unfamiliar with Rimmel limited edition nail polish collections, the bottles are are on the smaller side, coming in at 0.27 oz. As you can see, the display points out that the nail polishes are limited edition, so I believe that the Stay Glossy Lip Glosses are just repromotes from the permanent line.

image credit: JenJen for Nouveau Cheap

image credit: JenJen for Nouveau Cheap
Midnight Mistletoe

Midnight Mistletoe - JenJen described this as "red and holo hex glitters and small green hex glitter."

So many mainstream brands do a red & green glitter for the holidays, but I'm trying to think of another one that has red and holo hexes with small green hexes. Hum...can any of you think of one?

image credit: JenJen for Nouveau Cheap
Disco Fever

Disco Fever - JenJen described this as "square holo glitter."

I immediately thought of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Open Mica Night when I saw this. Coty owns Sally Hansen and Rimmel, so I'm wondering if the glitter is identical in both of these formulas? If you don't own Open Mica Night, this could be a more affordable option.

image credit: JenJen for Nouveau Cheap
Bling Thing

Bling Thing - JenJen described this as "various size gold glitters and holo stars."

I'm trying to think of another mainstream (non-indie) polish that has various sizes of gold glitter + holo stars and I'm coming up blank. I know that Revlon has a gold glitter polish with holo hearts, but I can't think of a mainstream gold & holo star polish right now. Can you?

image credit: JenJen for Nouveau Cheap
Disco Diva

Disco Diva - JenJen described this as "light rose gold hex glitter with tiny holo sparkles."

I'm wondering if this one could be a dupe for Barry M. Rose Quartz Glitter?

image credit: JenJen for Nouveau Cheap

Bedazzle - JenJen described this as "pink, blue and violet hex glitter and tiny violet glitter."

Could this be a dupe for OPI Coty does own OPI and Rimmel (and Sally Hansen) so they could be similar!

All in all, this looks like a fun little collection with some possible dupes to boot! And you can't beat the price (especially if you use the tear-pad coupon on the display). Have you spotted the Rimmel Holiday 2014 Glitter Bomb Top Coats in your area yet? Thoughts?

Thanks again, JenJen, for the great pics and descriptions. I really appreciate it!


  1. Spotted this today at Meijer. Ended up not getting any of the polishes because I already own some that are very similar to these. The lipglosses are not new, like you said.
    On an unrelated note, I was at Walgreens today and they have installed the top shelves in the beauty aisle! We all know what that means... :D

    1. It means that it's almost time for the Holiday 2014 displays and collections to start invading the drugstores!! :)

      thank you so much for the tip, Carol!! If they're starting this early, I have a feeling the Holiday collections and giftsets are going to be crazy this year! :)

    2. That's what I was thinking too! I thought to myself, its only Sept. 5 and their installing the shelves already. There must be a lot coming out! Yeah! Bring it on...

    3. I'm already starting to eyeball those top shelves at Walgreens, thinking soon, very soon! I also found a CVS near me that does that so I know where I'll be hunting.

  2. Midnight Mistletoe reminds me a lot of Sinful Colors Holiday Rebel, but I think that's only the red and green

    1. I think that's only green and red too, but I can see what you mean! :)

    2. It looks almost exactly the same as Holiday Rebel! I thought that too so I went to grab mine to compare! I think the glitter looks a little more densely packed in the Rimmel one though. :)

    3. Sinful Colors Holiday Rebel had red hex glitter, green microglitter AND a sprinkling of silver hex glitter. You can see a swatch of it comparing it to China Glaze Party Hearty on my blog. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Walgreens always carries the LE Rimmels and you can usually find them at Rite aid, CVS and Kmart too. It will probably take a while for them to show up though, since Meijer trends to get things really early. :)

  4. I've not seen these in the UK yet, will keep an eye out. Our newest Rimmel editions are the new Velvet Mattes and the Autumn (Fall) Kate Moss polish shades.

  5. Disco Diva reminds me of Sinful Colors' Full Spectrum and Hard Candy's Bridal Party

  6. I LOVE GLITTER. Bedazzle looks right up my street :)

    Sophie x

  7. Glitter is my thing, but we don't have Meier's around here and I have enough glitter to choke a stampeding pack of wild horses.

  8. These are cute, but nothing seems to stand out as unusual or unique. I do like the one with the square silver glitter in it, though. I may get that one. The price is right.

  9. I bought Disco Diva tonight, I think it will be fun over black and I think I actually don't own a square holiday glitter despite my ridiculous collection lol

  10. Bedazzle looks like SH Cheery on Top (which was LE I think?) and maybe LA Girl Frisky.

  11. A lot of these polishes are very reminiscent of polishes by other brands. Here's my list based off the pictures:

    Midnight Mistletoe-SC Holiday Rebel
    Disco Fever-Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Open Mica Night
    Disco Diva-OPI Pink Yet Lavender/ SC Full Spectrum
    Bedazzle-OPI CSM Cheery On Top

    Of course, I'll wait to see these for myself, but I just wanted to offer my thoughts on these new polishes from Rimmel.


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